Gold based Digital Assets

Lyfe Gold is the first digital asset from Indonesia that is supported by gold commodity

Gold Standard

Gold Standard

Each LGOLD token will have an underlying asset of physical gold in our partner Custodian. LGOLD can be exchanged to Fiat according to physical gold price or even exchanged to certified gold bars directly.



LGOLD is part of Lyfe program to create an asset-based stable token, backed-up by physical assets or commodities to complete market-based Lyfe Token ecosystem.

Future of Commodity

Future of Commodity

LGOLD will introduce a new possibility and alternative of commodity trading using blockchain. LGOLD will also path way for Lyfe future introduction of different type of commodity backed tokens.

The First Commodity backed token in Indonesia

LGOLD is the first commodity backed token in Indonesia as part of Lyfe Ecosystem. LGOLD allows traders to buy and sell gold-backed token making the token a stable coin for safe-haven cryptocurrency trading. LGOLD provides the ease and speed of digital assets trading, where traders can buy and sell from exchanges while providing means to redeem the tokens into certified gold bars.

Contract Address: 0x27778e14ce36d3b85e1effeb43816a17bbb7088a

Steady Growth

Secure your asset

Send Anywhere

Liquid and Reliable

Endless possibility for alternative commodity trading

LGOLD will introduce a new possibility and alternative of commodity trading using blockchain where real assets can be transferred in a decentralized distribution network. It will then improve the efficiency, transparency, and the cost of commodity trading.

Be the Pioneer

Be the Pioneer

Join the movement and be the pioneer of alternative commodity trading in Indonesia. Now you can enjoy the ease of Blockhain trading and the stability of Commodity trading with LGOLD.

Everything starts with the Customers

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Build to scale
geared for mass adoption

LGOLD is built on ERC20 network technology. The network, ecosystem, and maturity of ERC20 will help to accelerate the development and adoption of LGOLD in other related areas as well.

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Frequently Asked Questions

LGOLD provides an alternative Commodity trading platform using Blockchain technology

Where are the physical gold located?

For every token sold on the market, one gram of physical gold is secured in our partner custodian. To ensure that the token price is stable, we work closely with our partner custodian.

Where can I buy LGOLD?

LGOLD is created on ERC20 technology. So you can buy on official Exchange like Indodax or through our platform.

Will the price be the same as real-time gold price?

We have system in place that will monitor and guide the price in the market and our platform automatically according to the real time physical gold market price.

Can I use LGOLD to transfer gold?

Yes, LGOLD is as good as gold. You can transfer to your friends and families and have them sell, or even convert to physical gold.

Own Gold, Hold LGOLD

Choose the most reliable asset right now, choose gold standard!